Il Festival

The Stràngius International Literary Festival of Autobiographical Literature, now in its fifth edition, will be held in Serramanna (SU) during five days, from Wednesday 28 September to Sunday 2 October 2022 and will be hosted at the bixinaus antigusu (ancient districts) of the town,  inside the courtyards of the ancient Campidanian “raw earth houses” and will see a succession of presentations, meetings, talks, readings, exhibitions, live music and educational events and  and award ceremonies.



Wednesday 28th Sept 2022

Day Theme: The colors of waste

Casa campidanese Boassa Lasio (via Vittorio Emanuele, 28)

5 pm– A talk with author Pap Khuoma

Book presentation  “Noi italiani neri, storie di ordinario razzismo” 

(Kanaga Edizioni) Racism in Italy

Hosted byFederico Serratore

7 pm – A talk with Esperance Hakuzwimana

Book presentation  “Tutta intera” (Einaudi) African Women Theme

Hosted by Francesco Guerreschi  

Nuances by APS Kairos


Thursday 29th SEpt 2022

Day theme “WASTE OR REBELS?”  

Casa Campidanese Onnis Pacini (via Garibaldi, 12) 


5.30 PM – A Talk with Dino Garau and Walter Falgio

Book presentation “La Resistenza di Geppe : diario di un giovane sardo che scelse di combattere per la libertà e la democrazia” (Soter Edizioni) WW2 and  teh Sardinnian experience in the Anti-fascist Resistance

Hosted by Marino Carcangiu

7 pm – A talk with Claudia Pinelli

Book presentation “Pino. Vita accidentale di un anarchico” (Millieu) Life and death of an Italian Anarchist Militant

Hosted by Andrea Cossu (CPIA2 Serramanna)

Rebels songs by Sergio Durzu


FRIDAY 30th Sept 2022

DAY THEME: “Waste from Planet Sardegna”

Piazza Gramsci (via Roma, 38)

6.15 pm – A Talk with Chiara Meloni and Mara Mibelli

Book presentation “Belle di faccia.Tecniche per ribellarsi a un mondo grassofobico” (Mondadori) Looks and beauty in our society

Hosted by Deborah Succa

7.30 pm A Talk with Father Salvatore Morittu and Giampaolo Cassitta

Book presentation “Gli ultimi sognano a colori” (Arkadia – Unione Sarda)

Coordina Maria Grazia Cossu (Ass. Anni d’Argento) Poverty in Sardegna


“Polvere, seta e vecchie foto. I tesori nascosti di un tempo che fu” by  Associazione Tradizioni Popolari Serramanna 

Traditional Sardinnian Crafts

Award of the “Franco Putzolu: testimone dell’identità sarda” prize


Saturday 1st Ocotber 2022

DAY THME: “Misfits as waste”

Antico Chiostro del Convento dei Domenicani (via Serra, 40)

5.30 pm – A Talk with Valentina Perniciaro 

Book presentation “Ognuno ride a modo suo” A disabled child and his mother

Hosted  by Grazia Medda (APS Kairos)

7 pm – A talk with Stéphanie Lebrun

Valentina Perniciaro

Book presentation  “Le bambine non esistono” di Stéphanie Lebrun and Ukmina Manoori (Libreria Pienogiorno) Being a girl in Pakistan

Hosted by Maria Debora Zucca (docente Università della III Età)

The forgotten women composers by Associazione Musicale G. Verdi Serramanna

Award of the “Vico Mossa: testimone del nostro tempo” prize


Sunday 2nd October 2022

Front Oratorio di San Leonardo

Day theme: The waste issue in Sardegna  

5 pm – A talk with Antonio Canu

Book presentation “Il mondo in un carrello” (Il Saggiatore) Shopping and food waste

Hosted by Elisa Carboni

6.15 pm – A talk with Francesco Sottile

Book presentation  “Dalla parte della natura. Capire gli ecosistemi per salvare il nostro futuro” (Slow Food) Food and ecosystems

Hosted by Walter Secci – Associazione Internazionale “Città  della terra cruda”

7.30 pm – A talk with Giannozzo Pucci

Book presentation “La rigenerazione del bene comune” (Libreria Editrice Fiorentina) The Common Good

Hosted by Alessio Onnis

“The wind colors”  Stefano Giaccone voice and guitar




High school. IIS Michelangelo Buonarroti

Meeting with Vania Erby

Presentation of the book “The only possible world: from resilience to action” (Youcaprint)

Hosted by  Elisa Carboni


“Via Sicilia” and “Via Silvio Pellico” elementary schools

Meeting with Fabio Coronas

Presentation of the book “Elephants with wings and other stories” (Imago)

Hosted by Giuseppe Manias

Middle School

Meeting with Cristian Sanna and Valentina Spiga

Presentation of the book Rosas: invisible souls (Amicolibro)

Hosted by Maria Francesca Chia

Middle School

Meeting with Pap Khuma

Presentation of the book “Twenty thousand living under the Mediterranean Sea” (Kanaga editions)

Hosted by Federico Serratore



Piazza Gramsci: Meeting dedicated to the CPIA2, 5.00 pm

Meeting with Vincenza Lorusso

Presentation of the book “The roots in the water” (Europe editions)

Hosted by Ilaria Piras



“Via Sicilia” and “Via Silvio Pellico” elementary schools

Meeting with Rita Atzeri and Eva Rasano

Presentation of the book “Riccino and recipe” (Condaghes)

Hosted by Giuseppe Manias

“Aesthetic Codes by Ghigo Charlèo”

Art exhibition Presented by Mauro Podda

Montegranatico (via Montegranatico)


More events


Thursday 29 and Friday 30 September at 9 am

Let’s clean up the world (for a climate of peace) Serramanna 2022

Urban redevelopment Event by the Municipal Administration in collaboration with Legambiente, Istituto Comprensivo Serramanna and IIS Buonarroti


Sunday 02 October at 10.30 am

The madness (36th edition)

Ecological walk through the streets and countryside of the town

Departure from Piazza del Popolo, arrival in Santa Maria

Organized by Polisportiva Atletica Serramanna


In case of rain, the events scheduled in the courtyards at the “raw earth houses” will take place in the Cisa Conference Room (Corso Repubblica 12)